Australian Monitor 2010 Catalogue

16 Apr 2010

New Australian Monitor Catalogue Heralds Global 'Audio Revolution'

A far-reaching "acoustic revolution" lands in the hands of leading audio professionals this week, with the release of Australian Monitor's eagerly awaited 2010 Product Line Catalogue.

The 60-page catalogue offers a complete guide to the leading Australian audio company's celebrated product portfolio, from XLR connectors and bulk cable, to state-of-the-art mixer amplifiers and processors.
As well as its enduring "old faithful" analog products, Australian Monitor has cemented its reputation as one of the world's leading audio manufacturers with several stunning new digital routing, mixing and distribution products that place it at the forefront of emerging DSP technology.

Among the digital standouts is the Revolution Series, which sets a new benchmark for powerful, user-friendly DSP processing - incorporating the very latest "zoned" audio and paging technology in a series of flexible, affordable solutions that can be operated with the minimum of instruction.

The 2010 Catalogue also previews a number of head-turning new releases from the Sydney-based company, including its AMD Series of multi-channel mixer and power amplifiers, due to begin shipping in July.

"The AMD Series will revolutionise the constant voltage amplifier market around the world, providing contractors with an affordable D-class range of amplifiers that can be operated as either standalone or third-party controllable units," explained Australian Monitor's National Manager, Chris Smith.
"With their powerful on-board DSP processors, the AMD amplifiers can tailor the sound of your installation to even the harshest of acoustic environments."

Like its previous offerings, Australian Monitor's DSP solutions all focus on providing simple, intuitive access to industry-leading sound quality and flexible integration possibilities – at the right price point.
"Not only will these products revolutionise the way that our core contracting partners do business, they will open hundreds of new avenues for more efficient, affordable and powerful audio integration," said Stuart Craig, General Manager of Australian Monitor's parent company, Hills Sound Vision & Lighting.
Since its birth in 1976, Australian Monitor has maintained an overriding focus on "integration intelligence" - designing audio products that can be combined simply and seamlessly, to create acoustic solutions that are as clear as they are powerful, as flexible as they are reliable.

As it enters its 35th year, Australian Monitor is poised to continue breaking new ground in the transition between the audiovisual and digital realms. Together with Australia's most recognised audio design team, a network of nine warehouses on four continents is today delivering the Company's products to audio designers, integrators, contractors and retailers in a record 75 countries.

As a new age of AV integration dawns, Australian Monitor stands ready to lead the world.

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